We had been looking for someone honest and reliable that could provide us with replacement hearing aids. Our previous experience with hearing aid providers had not been very good as the after-purchase support was much less than we expected. We found the Ian Murray Hearing Centre while doing an Internet search. and while not being familiar with Ian Murray the reviews about his Hearing Centre were very good so we decided to make appointment.

We were not disappointed. The office staff were polite, courteous and very friendly. Mr. Murray proceeded to give us our hearing test and following this he recommended the hearing aids that would best suit our hearing loss. He answered all of our concerns very honestly and pointed out to us what we could expect from our new hearing aids.

We've now had our hearing aids for a few months. The hearing aids are performing as Mr. Murray stated they would. We look forward to seeing Mr. Murray for our follow-up appointments.

We strongly recommend the Ian Murray Hearing Centre.
Jean-Guy Momy
Ian Murray is by far one of the best health care professionals I have seen to date. In today's world it is hard to find someone with compassion. Ian has renewed my faith in healthcare with his ability to be not only thorough but honest and caring for his patients. I have struggled with multiple ear issues from tinnitus to having two t tubes in my ears. Etc Through negligence from an emt my tube was sitting on the outskirts of my ear still after 4 years, weeks after saying everything looked good. Ian Murray was able to show me what was missed and I was in shofk that this had been left. Thank you and I am looking forward to getting your help to deal with all my underlying issues .
Kyle Windsor
Ian is such a nice person and my daughter really liked the ear wax removal service. She had ear wax issue since young and the family doctor didn't know how to deal it. Now she can finally hear loud and clear after so many years of suffering. Great job, Ian, and thank you so much!
Zibo Zhao
One of the best medical experiences I've ever had. Ian is personable, knowledgeable, kind, patient and honest. I had bad wax buildup in both ears and Ian answered all of my questions and let me know everything he was doing and why. I was able to get a cleaning appointment very quick and to top it all off, the price was incredibly cheap and reasonable.
Had ear totally blocked and could not hear due to wax. Went to walk in clinics which tried to drain it, and used tools to try and take the wax out, they made it worse and very painful! Thankfully I found Ian, and who by far is the best in the business! They gave me an earlier appointment, walked through, explained and was very funny! Recommended to all, and now my friends and family are seeing him next week!
Syed Hamza Ahmed
Highly recommend for ear wax removal. Ian Murray's process is effective and quick with minimal discomfort - no syringes spraying water everywhere while pushing the wax deeper. He and his receptionist are personable and make you feel welcomed and at ease. I've been in on two separate occasions and extremely happy with the results both times. Thanks!
derrick b
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